Nanotech Plus is a consulting firm focused on markets, economics, technologies, and intellectual property issues necessary for commercialization of nanoengineered/ advanced materials and their incorporation into end-user products.

We have helped our clients with:
  • Modifying current products and developing/commercializing new products
  • Market expansion of existing products
  • Acquisition/divestiture of new/old technologies
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Identification of the competitive landscape for short/long term strategy
  • Investment/divestment
  • Industry-market research analyses
  • Technical-economic assessments of business opportunities and technology commercialization
  • Business growth options identification and analysis
  • New business concept validation
  • New and adjacent market identification, validation and opportunity capture support
  • Strategic innovation management leadership and support
  • Strategic alliance and sales development support
  • Channel strategies including economic and choke-point analysis
  • Advanced IP search support to help enhance client understanding of the market, competing technologies, competitive intelligence, and long-term trends.

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